Waterjet Cutting Cost 2022
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Waterjet Cutting Cost 2021

On average waterjet cutting services will cost between $19-$37 per hour, according to Wardjet.com. Of course, total costs will vary based on factors like water, power and prices of parts.

How Much Does Waterjet Cutting Cost?

It’s well known that operating and maintaining waterjet cutting machines can be extremely costly. When you use the services of a company providing waterjet cutting, you will have to pay for other expenses related to the process. Here is a brief list of factors that most companies will include in your quote:

  • Type of waterjet cutting system.
  • Time using the machine.
  • Flow of garnet rate.
  • The programming of the machine and the data entry.
  • Costs of having to replace parts.
  • Abrasive costs.
  • Price to power the machine.
  • How much water is used.

A waterjet cutter is different than a typical plasma cutting machine. A waterjet cutter will require the cost of water, power and cost of abrasive. Garnet abrasive can generally account for almost 75 percent of the total operating cost per hour. 

The cost of water is typically the smallest price factored into an estimate. Water cost will simply depend on your location. Parts and power will make up a significant portion of the overall cost, but not nearly as much as abrasive. Prices of utilities and maintenance may come into play as well when requesting the services of waterjet cutting. 

If you have any questions or need any further assistance with waterjet cutting services, we are more than happy to help!

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What Is Waterjet Cutting?

A waterjet cutter is a tool used to slice metal. The actual cutting works through a high velocity stream and pressure of water. Waterjet cutting is the process of leveraging computer numerical control (CNCs) systems. This means the waterjets are powered with special software and a system of controls made to match the exact result for the final intended product. 

If the company you are working with is provided enough information on the ideal product, then a quote will be initiated and given the final product for development. How extensive the project/cutting is will determine your rate of pay. 

Here’s a list of some small factors that can add into the rate in which you pay for waterjet cutting.

  • Tolerance levels
  • If hazardous waste will need to be disposed of after cutting is performed
  • Level of density of material being worked on
  • Material type worked on

On top of these examples of waterjet cutting, there are also operating fees that will need to be settled. 

Water Jet Cutting Services

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