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CNC Lathe Machining

A CNC lathe is a machine used to cut away excess material by rotating a work piece on a spindle. The material is cut away by using drilling bills and cutting tools with different diameters. CNC lathe machines produce a variety of details, cuts and shapes on a rotating work piece. Machinists can program the lathe machine to make difficult cuts on hard materials and produce precision pieces at a fast rate. Lathe machines are used to produce complex cuts that would not be possible on a manual version of the machine.

CNC Turning

CNC turning is a process in which material is held in place and rotated while a cutting piece is fed to remove material and create the desired shape. CNC turning is also known as subtraction machining because it involves removing material. There are 4 types of turning including external grooving, profiling, taper turning and straight turning. Each of these processes produce different shapes of material such as grooved, curved, conical and straight work pieces.

CNC Machining & Turning Applications

CNC lathe machining & turning makes parts by turning rod material while feeding a single-point cutting tool into the turning material. Turning is used to create tubular or circular shapes from larger pieces of plastic or material. Different shapes that can be made include: Radius, fillet, contour, taper, plain profiles and threaded surfaces. Different parts that can be made include: Flywheels, bushings, hubs, shafts, pulleys, knobs, toy parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, shift knobs and robot parts.

Precision CNC Machine Shop

When you need a precision machine shop that can machine the most complex components with the highest amount of precision, you can trust East Valley Precision for all of your CNC lathe machining and turning services. Our team of experienced CNC machinists have the experience needed to produced the closest tolerances with 1-100 micron accuracy. Industrial served for CNC machining and turning services include: Aerospace, tool & die, agricultural, electronics, medical, energy, oil & gas, military, optical and pharmaceutical .